Dye Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing is a process that we use to print white or light coloured polyester garments and many other sublimation ready items.

Here are some examples:

*   White and/or light coloured polyester garments / fabrics

*   Coffee mugs

*   Mouse mats

*   Stubby coolers

*   Jig-saw puzzles

*   Glass beer steins

*   Key fobs

*   Phone and tablet covers


Why sublimation?

Sublimation prints on polyester garments have several benefits

*   They are very high quality and can be used for photographic images

*   Sublimation prints allow the fabric to breath so are perfect for sports-wear and work-wear 

*   Sublimation prints have no detectible feel at all unlike many other prints that produce a vinyl like feel.


Limitations of sublimation printing

*   Items to be printed must be white or light in colour (no dark colours)

*   Items to be printed must be 100% polyester or if non-fabric they must be coated with a clear polymer film