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When and how can I place an order?

How much will it cost for printed items ?

Is there a discount if I order more ?

If I buy my own shirts can you print them for me ?

How soon can I get my printed shirts ?

What are the shipping options ?

What if there's a problem with my order ?

How can I be sure that the quality will be good ?

How do I get a quote ?




When can I place an order?

Our web store is open 24/7 so you can place your order any time you like. . . . after 5 and weekends.   Printing thappens only Mondy to Friday 8am to 5pm. 

Weekend days are not included in printing and shipping times



How much will it cost for a printed shirt?

We offer white shirts including your print on the front or the back for as little as $15.95 Incl. gst.   If you want a print on the other side too then it's an extra $9.75 + gst 

Coloured shirts take longer to print and use more ink so they cost a bit more.

Our shirts are all high quality from either Gildan, Hanes or AS Colour.  



Can I get discount for ordering more?

Yes - we offer discounts for some items when you order 4 or more printed shirts in any one style of garment with the same print.

If discount is available you can see the discount table when you click on a garment or product.

What about large quantities - say 50 or more shirts?

For large quantities and if your logo/s are not too complicated or have less than 5 or 6 colours then screen printing could well be a better option for you.

Ask us for a screen printing quote




If I buy my own shirts - can you print on them?

In  most cases the answer is No! - We prefer not to print on garments that we have not supplied.  Why?

Some makes of T shirts just don't print very well or become discoloured when the print is cured with heat.   

 In the unlikely event that we damage one of our shirts - we simply replace it at our cost.      It's safer for you and for us!  



How soon can I get my printed garments?

The prices displayed on our web site are for our stabndard 5 business day print service + shipping time. We also offer three other rush printing services which are:

Three business days

Next business days

Same day


1.  Rush - Same business day print service - Place your order by 11.00am on any business day.  Your printed shirts will be ready pickup or shipping on that day

If you can't make it for pickup, or if you live outside Melbourne, we recommend that you choose Express Post for delivery on the next business day.   Please check your post code for Express post service here  Express post 

IMPORTANT - Limits apply to the total number of garments that can be printed Same Day.

Please call 0416 133 302 before ordering


2.  Next business day print service - Order by 11.00am on any business day - Your printed items will be ready for pickup from Ivanhoe Vic. between 3.30pm and 4.45pm on the next business day.   If you can't pick up then choose Express Post.  Check your post code here  Express post


  • Place you order on Monday by 11am - Items will be ready for pickup or shipping on the next day (Tuesday) after 3.30pm.

  • Place your order on Friday by 11am - Items will be ready for pickup or shipping on the following Monday.


3.  Three business days print service - Order by 5.00pm on any business day.    Your items will be ready for pickup or shipping on the 3rd business day after order date.


Order by 5pm on Monday - Your items will be ready for pickup or shipping on Thursday of that week - after 3.30pm.


4.   Five business days print service - This is our standard service and is included in all of the prices that are displayed on our web site. 

Order by 5pm on any day - your items will be ready for pickup or shipping on the 5th business day after order date.


Order on Friday before 11.00am - Your items will be ready for pickup or shipping on Friday of the following week.



Shipping options

Australia Post standard shipping - Usually 2 to 3 days but allow up to 5 business days for delivery after print completion date.

IMPORTANT - Australia Post standard shipped items cannot be tracked.   In the majority of cases they arrive within the time but Astralia Post do provide any guarantee that items will arrive within 5 business days.


Express Post shipping - Allow 1 business day for delivery after the print completion date.  

Tracking: - Australia Post items can be tracked and are guaranteed by Australia Post to be delivered on the next business day after shipping as long as you live within the Express Post network area.  Check your post code here  Express post


IMPORTANT: Someone should be at the delivery address to accept the delivery:  Australia Post may not leave Express Post items on your doorstep, under a bush or behind the garden shed.   If no one is there to receive the shipment, it will be returned to your local post office where you will have to pick it up in person.



Make sure that you give us correct contact details

Please remember that we are not responsible for spelling mistakes, low quality images or incorrect positioning of images on the garment. 

If we do notice a problem then we will try and contact you before the printing and shipping date but we can only do that if you provide us with a phone number that your answer or an email address that you check frequently.

If we can't contact you then we will have no choice but to print and ship your items exactly as per the image/s or text that you uploaded during order.




Our Print Quality Guarantee

The truth is that most On-line T shirt printing services are focussed on pumping out high quantity to boost profits.  They're not too fussed about quality because they know that they will have new customers coming every day ...... and new customers who don't know any better. Do they?

They often run their machines in high speed mode which saves time and uses less ink.  

That's good for them . . . . but not for you.


We have been in the T shirt prnting business for a long time and we use the best digital garment printers available.   Our staff are a proud bunch who take great care to always produce the best possible quality

We run our printers in 'High Quality', low speed mode. Yes - it takes longer and it uses more, expensive ink but we want our customers to come back and to recommend us to their friends.

In fact we are one of the only T shirt printing businesses you will find in Australia to offer a no-nonsense, 100% money back guarantee on our print quality.

Note:  If we feel that your image is of low quality and that it will have a negative affect uppon the print quality, we will attempt to contact you before the print and shipping date.  However, if we are not able to contact you we may have no alternative but to print with the image you have supplied.  In such a case we are not able to provide a money back print quality guarantee.




How do I get a quote

You can get an on-line quote in just a few minute for digital printing

You can find out the full cost of your order on the payment page BEFORE the order and payment is completed.     Your order will not be completed and you will not be charged unless you enter your credit card details and complete the order process.


OK here's how you can get a quick quote

  • Choose a garment style & colour

  • Enter the quantity required

  • Click Customize then add an image or text to the product

  • Click Add to cart

  • Click Checkout (now check your order details)

  • Click - Checkout again

  • Enter your contact details and tick the two  'I agree to terms' boxes

  • Click - Proceed to shipping methods

  • Choose a shipping method and a print service

  • Click - Proceed to payment method 

On this page you can see the total price including the garments with printing and including any rush print options and shipping methods that you have chosen.

If you want to proceed and order your printed products just enter your credit card details and finalize.

If you prefer to use Paypal click the Back button on your Browser to go back to the Cart page where you will see the Paypal button at the bottom right corner of the screen.





Get a quote for screen printing by email

Screen printing not suitable for small quantities because of the setup costs for each colour in the design.  However it may be a good and lower cost alternative for you if:

  •   you need 50 or more garments
  •   you can wait a bit longer (1 to 2 weeks)
  •   your images have less than 6 colours
  •   you have your image in a vector format


Quotes for screenprinting can take a little longer depending upon how many requests we have received on that day.   In order for us to give you a quote it is important that provide us with all of the information requested on the quote form.