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There's no charge for our store designs so go right ahead and use as many as you like and don't forget that you can use our on-line text designer tool to add text to an image as well.

You can view our store design categories by moving the mouse over the FREE DESIGNS menu above. Any catgory that you select will be displayed right under this text.

Click on a design to see a preview on all of our garments then click the garment to choose that combination.


Realistic 3D car registration plate prints

Choose a pre-made rego plate or choose a blank plate and add your own numbers or letters/

We will print your custom plate on T shirts, Singlets, Hoodies, Phone covers, Mugs and more.

You can even add bug splatts too and position them wherever you want and make them bigger, smaller or rotate them.

Move the cursor over a plate to see an enlarged view.

Want to watch a demo video?


Rego plates